Events Schedule

Schedule is subject to change without notice. Please verify time, date, & location weekly! Every Contest Offers All Amateur Divisions!

To avoid late fees you must register 2 weeks prior to the event date.

Registration closes Tuesday the week of the show at 12pm.

See registration fees below.

Amateur Events

Registration + Entry Fee $90 / Drug Testing Fee $75 / Process Fee $5 Total $170
Additional Categories $80 after the initial registration fee.

*Does not apply to Natural Olympia*

Pro/Am Events

Amateur: Registration + Entry Fee $105 / Drug Testing Fee $75 / Process Fee $5 Total $185
Additional Categories $85 after the initial registration fee.

Professional: Registration + Entry Fee $255 / Drug Test Fee $75 / Process Fee $5 Total $335
Additional Pro Categories (if qualified) $250 after the initial registration fee.

*Does not apply to Natural Olympia*

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2024 Events

03/16/2024Santa Ana, CA2024 INBA PNBA Workshop
03/16/2024Sierra Vista, AZINBA Arizona Copper Classic
03/23/2024Plano, TX2024 INBA PNBA Workshop (Texas)
03/30/2024Palm Springs, CAINBA Desert Oasis Classic
04/06/2024Davis, CAINBA Capital City Championships
04/13/2024Corona, CAINBA Iron Gladiator
04/20/2024Syracuse, UTINBA Utah's Night of the Champions
04/27/2024Dumfries, VAINBA PNBA Pro/Am Philip Ricardo Legends
05/04/2024Singapore, AsiaINBA PNBA Pro/Am Asia Pacific Championships
05/04/2024Chicago, ILINBA PNBA Professional America's Natural & Amateur Illinois State
05/11/2024Denver, COINBA Mile High Championships
05/18/2024Sierra Vista, AZINBA PNBA Pro/Am Alexander Classic
05/18/2024San Leandro, CAINBA Silver & Black
05/25/2024El Segundo, CAINBA PNBA Pro/Am Diana Kakos Presents International Battle Against Cancer
06/01/2024Oakville, CTINBA New England Naturals
06/01/2024Atlanta, GAINBA PNBA Pro/Am Southern USA
06/13/2024NetherlandsINBA PNBA Pro/Am World Championships
06/29/2024Dallas, TXINBA PNBA Pro/Am Mr & Ms USA
07/13/2024Bakersfield, CAINBA Central California Championships
07/28/2024El Segundo, CAINBA PNBA Pro/Am International Iron Man Magazine
08/03/2024Rohnert Park, CAINBA 36th Annual California Naturals (Venue Change)
08/03/2024Rohnert Park, CAPNBA Professional Wolfpack & Cougar Classic (50+) (Venue Change)
08/10/2024Tulsa, OKINBA PNBA Pro/Am Tournament of Titans
08/17/2024Oceanside, CAINBA So Cal Championships & Armed Forces
08/24/2024Springville, UTINBA Utah State Naturals
08/31/2024Chicago, ILINBA PNBA Pro/Am North American
09/07/2024San Leandro, CAINBA PNBA Pro/Am International Zeus Classic
09/22/2024Tampa, FLINBA PNBA Pro/Am The Icons
09/27/2024Las Vegas, NVINBA Las Vegas Naturals (if not Team USA Qualified)
09/28/2024Oakville, CTINBA PNBA Pro/Am Eastern USA
09/28/2024Las Vegas, NVINBA PNBA Pro/Am Team USA (Must be Qualified)
10/05/2024Mexico City, MexicoINBA PNBA Pro/Am Latin American Championships
10/12/2024San Leandro, CAINBA Western USA
10/18/2024DenmarkINBA PNBA Pro/Am European Championships
10/19/2024Surprise, AZINBA PNBA Pro/Am Grand Canyon Classic
10/26/2024Budapest, HungaryINBA PNBA Pro/Am Natural Universe
11/02/2024El Segundo, CAINBA PNBA Pro/Am World Cup
11/07/2024Las Vegas, NVThe Pinnacle Pro/Am Natural Olympia (Must be Qualified to Compete)

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