PNBA Elite Qualification


PNBA ELITE recognizes Professional Athletes with natural talent, stamina, and competitive drive.  Professional Athletes are well-disciplined when it comes to rigorous practice and training.  PNBA ELITE Athletes have risen from amateur ranks and are eligible to receive payment for their performance.


  • Earn Professional Qualification through INBA amateur ranks
  • Enter an INBA “PNBA Pro Qualifier” in an Open or Master’s Category
  • Win the Overall (Open or Masters)
  • If an Overall is not an option, there must be two or more in the Open or Master’s Category, the 1st Place winner will receive PNBA Pro Qualification. (At Promoter’s discretion.)
  • PNBA Elite Pro Qualification may also be awarded by acknowledgment of the INBA PNBA World President



  • Pro Status and Category will be authorized through
  • Purchase PNBA Elite “Pro Card” from within the competition year/season Pro Qualification was earned (if not purchased during the year earned, PNBA Pro Qualification will expire and the athlete will revert to amateur status)



  • To maintain your PNBA Elite “Pro Card” you must turn Professional within the current year/season, or at the very latest the following competition year/season. After that time period if you have not made your PNBA Elite Pro Debut you will be considered an INBA Amateur.

No harm, no foul.  You choose when the time is right for you to turn PRO.

  • ALL PNBA Elite Pros must renew PNBA Elite “Pro Card” on an annual basis beginning January of each year (discount offered during the month of January)
  • If you do not compete as a PNBA Pro within two years you will need to re-qualify.


  • Once you have registered and competed in a PNBA Pro Elite show you are a full-fledged Pro and no longer an INBA Amateur. You are now eligible to compete for cash and prizes.  Now go make some BIG MONEY!
  • All PNBA Elite Professional Athletes MUST compete in at least ONE PNBA Pro show prior to competing at the Natural Olympia. Please refer to the PNBA Elite World Tour for information regarding PNBA Pro events.
  • PNBA Elite Pro Athletes must maintain PNBA Elite Pro Card on an annual basis beginning in January of each year. Do not let your renewal lapse, as you will be required to pay for missed years.
  • As a PNBA Elite Pro Athlete, you are required to use “PNBA” when listing your PNBA titles won.

i.e.    PNBA Natural Olympia Bodybuilding Champion (Gold Medal winners at the Natural Olympia receive a “Golden Ticket” which means no qualification is necessary to compete at the Natural Olympia the following year)
PNBA Natural World Figure Champion
PNBA Natural Universe Bikini Diva Champion

  • PNBA Masters have the option to compete in the category of their choice and in the division of their choice Open or Masters. Competing in both the Open and Masters is an option as well.
  • Winning a Natural Olympia PNBA Gold Medal grants the PNBA Champion a “Golden Ticket” to compete at the following year’s Natural Olympia without qualifying.
  • Natural Bodybuilding Hall of Fame Inductees earn the right to compete at the Natural Olympia without qualifying.



  • PNBA Pros are ineligible to enter INBA amateur categories that they hold PNBA Pro card/cards for I.e. PNBA Pro Bikini Diva MAY NOT enter an INBA amateur Bikini Diva category. However, they may enter other amateur categories such as Angels or Sports Model.
  • PNBA will recognize athletes holding a current “Pro Card” from established Natural Organizations (proof will be required) PNBA “Pro Card” must be purchased to compete in PNBA ELITE events.
  • PNBA Elite Pros that compete Amateur in other natural organizations FORFEIT their PNBA Elite Status in that category/division.


PNBA Elite Cash & Prizes: 

  • PNBA Elite Natural Athletes competing in events that award cash & prizes will be required to sign the PNBA Cash & Prizes Agreement.
  • Cash & Prizes are contingent upon passing the required urinalysis test (WADA Testing).
  • Negative test results of urinalysis will result in cash & prizes awarded.
  • Positive test results of urinalysis will result in a forfeit of cash & prizes, loss of winnings, and a picture uploaded to the Hall of Shame.