Due to the impact and financial hardship COVID -19 has caused the Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness industry, adjustments have been made to the PNBA Elite World Tour Prize Money Earnings. The INBA PNBA is still dedicated to awarding Prize Money to our PNBA Elite Natural Athletes, Placement Points, and the Grand Prize Natural Olympia/Gains In Bulk Harley Davidson.

What is the PNBA Elite World Tour?

The PNBA Elite World Tour is a Series of Prestigious Globally Recognized World Titles, with an Outstanding Earnings Program. Created by INBA Global and developed for PNBA Elite Athletes consisting of: Guaranteed Prize Money, Placement Points, Prizes, and a chance to Win a Harley Davidson awarded by Gains In Bulk!

PNBA Elite World Tour Earnings Program

Ranking & Placement Points

Professional events listed in the PNBA Elite World Tour have specific earnings. Each event in the PNBA Elite World Tour specifies what will be awarded to the PNBA Elite Natural Athlete.

Prizes may include: Airline Ticket, Hotel Accommodation, Entry Fee, and or Limo Transportation etc.

Breakdown of Placement Points:

1st Place 15pts

2nd Place 10pts

3rd Place 5pts

All other Placing’s Receive 2pts for just competing!

Placement Point Earnings

One Male & Female with the most Placement Points accumulated throughout the competition season will be entered to win a Custom Gains In Bulk Harley Davidson.

Placement Points are earned in the current competition season and expire at the end of the season.

To receive full points there must be two or more competing within PNBA Categories (ie. Open/Masters) If there are less than two athletes within the category the standard two points will be awarded. 

Who is Eligible to Participate in the PNBA Elite World Tour?

Professional Elite Natural Athletes that hold current “PNBA Pro Status” (current PNBA membership)

Professional Elite Natural Athletes that Compete in the specified PNBA Elite World Tour Events.

IMPORTANT: PNBA Elite Natural Athletes participating in the tour MUST compete at the Natural Olympia and be present to win.

A positive WADA Test will result in forfeit of all earnings, Prize Money, Prizes, Points and Awards.

PNBA Elite World Tour Earnings:

***Must have 3 or more in a category in order to win guaranteed Prize money***

1st Place – $1,000

2nd Place – $500

3rd Place – $300

Events & Earnings:

****It is at the discretion of INBA Global to make changes to the PNBA Elite World Tour Rewards Program. ****
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