Halloween Havoc/Western USA

Saturday, October 21, 2017 Davis, CA

Event Location

Veteran’s Memorial Center Theater
203 E 14th Street
Davis, CA 95616


Prejudging: 12pm
Main Show: 5pm


Dial: 951-734-3900
Click: [email protected]


General Information

Online Registration must be received two weeks prior to competition date to avoid $25 LATE FEE! Amateur Registration Fee Bundle Includes: Entry Fee $75, Testing Fee $75, and Processing Fee $5, Total $155. Additional Category $75
Prejudging $20, Main Show $35, Backstage ALL DAY V.I.P $70
Contest includes all categories.








Host Hotel


Spray Tanning

Hi-Def Tanning

Mark Picano
[email protected]

Competition Make-Up

Make Up Empowered M.E By Tranae

Make Up Empowered M.E By Tranae

[email protected]


Competition Hair Styles

Shear Bliss

Shear Bliss

Nikki Folan




Fitness- Junior (19-22)

1st Place Paradee Johnson

INBA Angels

1st Place Shannon Boling
2nd Place Jennifer Araujo
3rd Place Adaku Iwueze

Women's Physique - Novice

1st Place Jody Williamson

Women's Sport Model - Open

1st Place Shannon Boling
*PNBA Pro/Qualified*
2nd Place Myisha Robertson
3rd Place Favi Scedano

Figure - Jr. Masters (35-39)

1st Place Lupe Yepiz
2nd Place Rachel Compton

Figure - Masters (40-49)

1st Place Kristi Britt
*PNBA Pro/Qualified*
2nd Place Adrena Washington
3rd Place Kenisha Bell
4th Place Denise Davis
5th Place Jennifer Araujo

Figure - Ultra Masters (60-69)

1st Place Patricia Ryan
2nd Place Victoria Williams

Figure - Novice

1st Place Kristi Britt
2nd Place Michelle Denila

Figure - Open

1st Place Kristi Britt
*PNBA Pro/Qualified*
2nd Place Vanessa Carrasco
*PNBA Pro/Qualified*
3rd Place Blair Boudreaux
4th Place Kenisha Bell
5th Place Rachel Compton
6th Place Nicole Douglas
7th Place Adaku Iwueze
8th Place Michelle Denila

Bikini Mamas - 3 & Under

1st Place Christy Park

Bikini Mamas - 2 & Under

1st Place Leina Kennedy

Bikini Divas - Jr. Masters (35-39)

1st Place Leina Kennedy
2nd Place Christy Park
3rd Place Gretchen Nicole
4th Place Robin Pauletich

Bikini Divas - Masters (40-49)

1st Place Vivian Khem
2nd Place Maritess Lacerna
3rd Place Keisha Joyner

Bikini Divas - Grand Masters (50-59)

1st Place Zhailani Aquino
*PNBA Pro Qualified*
2nd Place Huyen Nguyen
3rd Place Juanita Salisbury

Bikini Divas - Novice (Short)

1st Place Carolina Mariscal
2nd Place Vivian Khem
3rd Place Michelle Denila
4th Place Veronica Jacob
5th Place Darlyn Garcia

Bikini Divas - Novice (Tall)

1st Place Jennifer Stark
*Overall Bikini Divas Novice, INBA Sheild & Best Presentation*
2nd Place Shannon Boling
3rd Place Priscilla Goddard
4th Place Leina Kennedy
*Most Symmetrical*
5th Place Denise Easterling
6th Place Catherine Dawson
7th Place Darneesha Polee
8th Place Robin Pauletich
9th Place Brittany Lazar

Bikini Divas - Open (Short)

1st Place Carolina Mariscal
*PNBA Pro/Qualified*
2nd Place Vivian Khem
3rd Place Michelle Denila
4th Place Nicole Yamamoto
5th Place Gloria Aviles
6th Place Veronica Jacob
7th Place Darlyn Garcia

Bikini Divas - Open (Tall)

1st Place Jennifer Stark
*Overall Bikini Divas Open & PNBA Pro/Qualified*
2nd Place Shannon Boling
*PNBA Pro/Qualified*
3rd Place Leina Kennedy
4th Place Priscilla Goodard
5th Place Catherine Dawson
6th Place Gretchen Katz
7th Place Myisha Robertson
8th Place Christy Park
9th Place Paula Pauletich

Men's Sport Model - Novice

1st Place Tom Vu

Men's Sport Model - Open

1st Place Anthony Sauedo Bright

Men's Ink/Tattoo

1st Place Ken Ross

Men's Teen B/B - (17-19)

1st Place Connor Rosevear

Grand Masters Men B/B - (50-59)

1st Place Mark Chapman
2nd Place Ken Ross

Novice Men B/B

1st Place Juan Carlos Martel
2nd Place Connor Rosevear

Open Men B/B

1st Place Spencer Hoffman
*PNBA Pro/Qualified*
2nd Place Juan Carlos Martel
3rd Place Ken Ross

Classic Physique

1st Place Spencer Hoffman
2nd Place Jack Vongkoth
*Best Poser*
3rd Place Mark Chapman
4th Place Ken Ross

Beach Body

1st Place Taron Sickler

Men's Physique - Masters (40-49)

1st Place Ruben Lerma

Men's Physique - Novice

1st Place Taron Sickler
2nd Place Patrick Savino
3rd Place Nestor Acevedo
4th Place Ruben Lerma

Men's Physique - Open

1st Place Christopher Easley
*PNBA Pro/Qualified & Most Muscular*
2nd Place Drew Garton
*PNBA Pro/Qualified*
3rd Place Taron Sickler
4th Place Patrick Savino

Men's Mini B/B

1st Place Joey Eidem
2nd Place Clayton Perry

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