Mr & Ms Iron Gladiator

Saturday, April 1, 2017 Corona, CA

Event Location

Corona Civic Center
815 W 6th Street
Corona, CA 92882


Prejudging: 12 pm
Main Show: 5 pm


Dial: 951-734-3900
Click: [email protected]


General Information

Online Registration must be received two weeks prior to competition date to avoid $25 LATE FEE! Amateur Registration Fee Bundle Includes: Entry Fee $75, Testing Fee $75, and Processing Fee $5, Total $155. Additional Category $75
Prejudging $20, Main Show V.I.P $35, Backstage ALL DAY V.I.P $70
Contest includes all categories.








Host Hotel

Holiday Inn Express & Suites
1550 Circle City Drive.
Corona, CA 92879
(951) 479-4000
Group Code : APN

Spray Tanning

EO Tan

EO Tan

(call or text)

March 31st tanning (choose from 2 locations)

*2395 Hamner Ave, Norco,CA 92860*

*3679 Arlington Suite H, Riverside,CA 92506*

April 1st tanning will be done at the venue site

*Inquire about Hair & Make-Up*
Contact Jennifer
[email protected]



INBA Angels

1st Place Elvia Perez
*PNBA Pro/Qualified*
2nd Place Chelsey Loop
3rd Place Navidad Alvarado

Sport Model-Grand Masters (50-59)

1st Place Mary Jean Bush

Sport Model-Masters (40-49)

1st Place Vera Vanguard

Sport Model-Open

1st Place Sabrina Babbitt

Super Ultra Masters Women's Bodybuilding (70-79)

1st Place Sylvia Leichter

Women's Ink/Tattoo

1st Place Ana Toro

Figure -Masters (40-49)

1st Place Sue Taylor
*PNBA Pro Qualification*
2nd Place Mary Vernon

Figure -Novice

1st Place Sarah Sanders

Figure -Novice

1st Place Sarah Sanders

Figure -Open

1st Place Sarah Sanders

Women's Open Bodybuiding

1st Place Deidre Pagnanelli
*PNBA Pro/Qualification & Best Poser*

Women's Physique - Grand Masters (50-59)

1st Place Melissa Hall
*Best Presentation*

Women's Physique - Novice

1st Place Natalie Gibbins

Women's Physique - Open

1st Place Melissa Hall
*PNBA Pro/Qualification*

Bikini Mamas - 1 & Under

1st Place April Clark
2nd Place Claudia McDonald

Bikini Mamas - 2 & Under

1st Place Monica Valenzuela

Bikini Mamas - 3 & Under

1st Place Brianne Newbro

Bikini Divas - Jr. Masters (35-39)

1st Place Brianne Newbro
2nd Place Joanrae Miller

Bikini Divas - Masters (40-49)

1st Place Vera Vanguard
*PNBA Pro/Qualification & Overall Bikini Divas Masters*
2nd Place Julie Baum
3rd Place Nicolette Wakelin

Bikini Divas-Grand Masters (50-59)

1st Place Mary Jean Bush

Bikini Divas-Novice (Short)

1st Place Elvia Perez
*Overall Bikini Divas Novice & Most Symmetrical*
2nd Place Jennifer Torres
3rd Place Brittany Corvelo
4th Place Sadaf Goodarzi
5th Place Claudia McDonald
6th Place Ashlee McKay
7th Place Sophia Donate
8th Place Alondra Ocegueda
9th Place Sandy Hernandez
10th Place Ana Toro

Bikini Divas-Novice (Tall)

1st Place Nicole French
2nd Place Brianne Newbro
3rd Place Miriam Hughs
4th Place Hazel Garcia

Bikini Divas-Open (Short)

1st Place Elvia Perez
*Overall Bikini Divas Open & PNBA Pro/Qualification*
2nd Place Brittany Corvelo
3rd Place Joanrae Miller
4th Place Sabrina Babbitt
5th Place Monica Valenzuela
6th Place Ana Toro

Ultra Masters Bodybuilding (60-69)

1st Place James Taverner

Jr. Masters Bodybuilding (35-39)

1st Place Adam Berkovits

Open Men Bodybuilding

1st Place Mathew Haggard
*PNBA Pro/Qualified*
2nd Place Scott Corey
3rd Place Adam Berkovits
4th Place Johnny Tirado

Classic Physique

1st Place Scott Corey
*PNBA Pro/Qualified*
2nd Place Alton Floyd
3rd Place Joshua Resurreccion

Men's Physique - Teen (18-19)

1st Place Noah Cosentino

Men's Physique - Novice

1st Place Noah Consentino
2nd Place Matthew Ornealas
3rd Place Justin Stoll
4th Place Eli Trujillo
5th Place Angel Tapia

Men's Physique - Open (Short)

1st Place Randy Candelaria
2nd Place Martin Mohammad
3rd Place Mike Short
4th Place Angel Tapia

Men's Physique - Open (Tall)

1st Place Akeem Wright
*PNBA Pro/Qualification & Overall Men’s Physique Open & Most Muscular*
2nd Place Justin Stoll
3rd Place David Cevallos Jr.
4th Place Kyle Cruz

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