Pro/Am Natural Universe

Saturday, November 9, 2019 Hermosa Beach, CA

Event Location

Hermosa Beach Community Center
710 Pier Ave.
Hermosa Beach, CA


Check Ins:
Friday 11/8/2019
SpringHill Suites Los Angeles LAX/Manhattan Beach
14620 Aviation Boulevard Hawthorne, California 90250
Pro Men – 5pm-6pm
Amateur Men – 6pm-7pm
Pro Women – 7pm-8pm
Amateur Women – 8pm-9pm
Athletes Meeting:
Saturday 11/9/2019
One Show Format:
Saturday 11/9/2019


Dial: 951-801-2009
Click: [email protected]


General Information

Amateur Registration Fee Bundle Includes: Entry Fee $100, Testing Fee $75, and Processing Fee $5, Total $180. Additional Category $80 Professional Registration Fee Bundle Includes: Entry Fee $250, Testing Fee $75, and Processing Fee $5. Total $330
Pros & Amateur Overalls qualify for the Natural Olympia 2019!
ALL DAY ticket $60, ALL DAY & BACKSTAGE $80








Host Hotel

Two available options:
SpringHill Suites Los Angeles LAX/Manhattan Beach
14620 Aviation Boulevard Hawthorne, California 90250
(Suite room, two queen sized beds, fitness center, microwave, free breakfast)

TownePlace Suites Los Angeles LAX/Manhattan Beach
14400 Aviation Boulevard Hawthorne, California 90250
(Studio, one queen bed with pull out couch bed, fitness center, kitchen/kitchenette, free breakfast)

Cut off date 10/11/2019

Book your group rate for INBA PNBA Natural Universe Room Block

Spray Tanning

Shawn John

Shawn John

(801) 735-8584
[email protected]

Hair & Make-Up

Event Photographer

To Purchase Photos please contact

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Women's Results

Figure – Masters (40-49)
Silvia Benson (USA) – 1st Place (PQ)
Dorcey Porter Sheehan (USA) – 2nd Place

Figure – Novice
Silvia Benson (USA) – 3rd Place
Ashley Franklin (USA) – 2nd Place
Taylor Schlener (USA) – 1st Place

Figure – Open
Loriel Hennington (USA) – 2nd Place
Maria Popa (Romania) – 1st Place (PQ)
Taylor Schlener (USA) – 3rd Place
Kassandra Tippey (USA) – 4th Place

Bikini Divas – Jr Masters (35-39)
Elsa Carrillo (USA) – 1st Place
Panakun Maisat (USA) – 2nd Place

Bikini Divas – Masters (40-49)
Sara Janecek (USA) – 3rd Place
Alethea Lamb (USA) – 1st Place
Jessie Zaylia (USA) – 2nd Place

Bikini Divas – Grand Masters (50-59)
Marivic Cagatao (USA) – 1st Place (PQ)
Maria Leone (USA) – 2nd Place

Bikini Divas – Ultra Masters (60-69)
Nubiti Kami Cadle (USA) – 2nd Place
Maria Leone (USA) – 1st Place

Bikini Divas – Novice
Gloriana Hays (USA) – 1st Place
Vanessa Lora (USA) – 2nd Place
Chantel Sanford (USA) – 3rd Place
Nadine Waschke (Germany) – 4th Place

Bikini Divas – Open
Gloriana Hays (USA) – 1st Place (PQ)
Alethea Lamb (USA) – 5th Place
Vanessa Lora (USA) – 2nd Place (PQ)
Jenna Mckinnon (USA) – 3rd Place (PQ)
Chantel Sanford (USA) – 4th Place 

Pro Women’s B/B – Open
Tina Staples (South Africa) – 1st Place

Pro Figure Classic – Open
Sarah Taylor (Australia) – 2nd Place
Angela Wiseman (Australia) – 1st Place

PNBA Angels
Maria Popa (Romania) – 2nd Place
Thidathorn Vanitsthian (USA) – 1st Place

Pro Bikini Divas – Masters (40+)
Teresa Johnson (USA) – 1st Place
Sandra Van De Kamp (Netherlands) – 2nd Place

Pro Bikini Divas – Open
Loriel Hennington (USA) – 2nd Place
Maria Popa (Romania) – 1st Place
Thidathorn Vanitsthian (USA) – 3rd Place

Pro Women’s Physique – Masters (40+)
Lisa Hibberd (Australia) – 4th Place
Svetlana Joiner (Australia) – 3rd Place
Marny Rosen (Australia) – 1st Place
Andrea Latkiewicz (USA) – 2nd Place

Pro Women’s Physique – Open
Lisa Hibberd (Australia) – 5th Place
Svetlana Joiner (Australia) – 4th Place
Andrea Latkiewicz (USA) – 3rd Place $300
Heather Mcgivern (Australia) – 1st Place $1,000
Marny Rosen (Australia) – 2nd Place $500 

Pro Figure – Open
Jenna Bidoglio (USA) – 3rd Place $300
Femke Bouwmeester (Netherlands) – 5th Place
Alondra Chatman (USA) – 1st Place $1,000
Sarah Taylor (Australia) – 4th Place
Angela Wiseman (Australia) – 2nd Place $500

Men's Results

Men’s B/B – Jr Masters (35-39)
Emiliano Caputo (Italy) – 1st Place
Shodan Rai (India) – 2nd Place

Men’s B/B – Masters (40-49)
Mohammed Basith (UK) – 2nd Place
Ali Bukhamseen (Saudi Arabia) – 1st Place (PQ)
Rajsen Penuballi (India) – 3rd Place

Men’s B/B – Grand Masters (50-59)
Jens Berthold (Germany) – 1st Place
Imro Beuk (Netherlands) – 2nd Place
Ray Crumpler (USA) – 5th Place
Nito Gomez (USA) – 6th Place
Roland Martinez (USA) – 3rd Place
Roger Waters (UK) – 4th Place

Men’s B/B – Novice
Raja Narendra Akula (USA) – 4th Place
Emiliano Caputo (Italy) – 1st Place
Alexander Haag (Germany) – 2nd Place
Maximilian Wolf (Germany) – 3rd Place

Men’s B/B – Open
Jens Berthold (Germany) – 3rd Place (PQ)
Imro Beuk (Netherlands) – 4th Place
Ali Bukhamseen (Saudi Arabia) – 1st Place (PQ)
Matthias Gattringer (Australia) – 2nd Place (PQ)
Charles Klinedinst (USA) – 7th Place
Maximilian Wolf (Germany) – 5th Place
Shoan Rai (India) – 6th Place

Classic Physique – Masters (40-49)
Ali Bukhamseen (Saudi Arabia) – 1st Place

Classic Physique – Grand Masters (50-59)
Nito Gomez (USA) – 2nd Place
Roland Martinez (USA) – 1st Place (PQ)

Classic Physique – Open
Ali Bukhamseen (Saudi Arabia) – 3rd Place
Emiliano Caputo (Italy) – 6th Place
Peter Cichonski (USA) – 2nd Place
Brian Edwards (USA) – 8th Place
Ondrej Fiala (Czech) – 1st Place (PQ)
Antonio Garcia (USA) – 5th Place
Stephan Schon (Austria) – 4th Place
Adama Keita (USA) – 7th Place

Men’s Physique – Jr Masters (35-39)
David Cevallos (USA) – 3rd Place
Johnathan Goins (USA) – 1st Place
Kirti Nagarajan (India) – 4th Place
Daniel Agustin Canovas Sanchez (Spain) – 2nd Place

Men’s Physique – Masters (40-49)
Thane Brizan (USA) – 1st Place (PQ)
Eric Coronado (USA) – 3rd Place
Nate Miyaki (USA) – 2nd Place

Men’s Physique – Grand Masters (50-59)
Sean Pfaff (USA) – 1st Place

Men’s Physique – Novice
Tyler Durant (USA) – 1st Place
Hesam Kokabpick (Germany) – 2nd Place
Sean Pfaff (USA) – 3rd Place

Men’s Physique – Open
Thane Brizan (USA) – 4th Place
David Cevallos (USA) – 6th Place
Johnathan Goins (USA) – 1st Place (PQ)
Wesley Meyer (USA) – 3rd Place (PQ)
Joshua Parker (USA) – 2nd Place (PQ)
Sean Pfaff (USA) – 7th Place
Kristopher Shinedling (USA) – 5th Place

Pro Men’s B/B – Masters (40-49)
Loren Dyck (USA) – 3rd Place
Mirko Burger (Germany) – 1st Place
Matthew Keirn (USA) – 2nd Place

Pro Men’s B/B – Grand Masters (50+)
Peter Cichonski (USA) – 1st Place
Loren Dyck (USA) – 2nd Place
Ken Ross (Australia) – 3rd Place

Pro Men’s Physique – Open
Matyas Nagy (Hungary) – 2nd Place
Josh Sinclair (Australia) – 1st Place
Jeremy Tippey (USA) – 3rd Place

Pro Men’s – B/B – Open (Placements have been changed due to Test Results)
Matthias Gattringer (Austria) – 7th Place
Chad Havunen (USA) – Disqualified
Brandon Kempter (Australia) – 3rd Place $300
Jonas Notter (Germany) – 5th Place
Christopher Oketch (Kenya) – 6th Place
Stefan Schon (Austria) – 8th Place
Robert Terry (Whales/USA) – 1st Place $1,000
Patrick Teutsch (Germany) – 2nd Place $500
Thomas Tusore (Ghana) – 4th Place
Matthew Keirn (USA) – 9th Place