Pro/Am Team USA

Friday & Saturday, September 23rd-24th, 2016 Las Vegas, NV

Event Location

The Rio Hotel & Casino
3700 W Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(888) 746-6955


Friday Night: 
Host Hotel (Brasilia 2)
5-6pm Pro Men
6-7pm Amateur Men
7-8pm Pro Women
8-9pm Amateur Women
Athletes Meeting:
Saturday @ 8am
Prejudging: 10am
Main Show: 5pm


Dial: 951-734-3900
Click: [email protected]


General Information

Online Registration must be received two weeks prior to competition date to avoid $25 LATE FEE! Amateur Registration Fee Bundle Includes: Entry Fee $100, Testing Fee $75, and Processing Fee $5, Total $180. Additional Category $85 Professional Registration Fee Bundle Includes: Entry Fee $250, Testing Fee $75, and Processing Fee $5. Total $330
Contest includes all categories.
Anyone competing in Team USA will qualify to compete at the World Championships, Natural Universe, and the Natural Olympia!
Prejudging $20, Main Show $35, Main Show V.I.P $45, Backstage ALL DAY V.I.P $80








Host Hotel

The Rio Hotel & Casino
3700 W Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(888) 746-6955
Group Code: SRIBB6
Must Book 30 in advance!

Spray Tanning



Martini Spray Tan

Hair & Make-Up



Sin City - Men

Men’s Sports Model – Super Ultra Masters (70-79)
1st Place Clifton Maclin

Men’s Bodybuilding- Open
1st Place Leo Sousa

Men’s Bodybuilding-Masters (40-49)
1st Place Mike Diamond

Men’s Physique- Grand Masters (50-59)
1st Place Vincent Salter

Men’s Physique – Novice
1st Place Dankat Keswet

Men’s Physique – Open
1st Place Israel Daniel Delgado

Sin City - Women

Figure – Novice
1st Place Krystal Delage
2nd Place Ruth Gonzalez
3rd Place Enedina Molina
4th Place Lydia Torres

Figure – Open
1st Place Krystal Delage

Bikini Divas – Masters (40-49)
1st Place Francis Alvarado

Bikini Divas – Novice
1st Place Nubia Enriquez
2nd Place Michelle King
3rd Place Maribel Rueda
4th Place Liliana Tejada Alvarado
5th Place Leticia Santana
6th Place Maria Rueda
7th Place Karen Mercado
8th Place Amanda Gonzalez
9th Place Monica Larios

Pro Women Sport Model - Masters (40+)

1st Place Shelly Rojas

Pro Women Sport Model - Open

1st Place Kayla Boswell

Pro Women Figure- Masters (40+)

1st Place Tricia McKeever
2nd Place Dr. Kristy Appelhans

Pro Women Figure - Open

1st Place Alicia Mitchell
*Most Symmetrical*
2nd Place Hilary Grant
3rd Place Dyanne Blevens
4th Place Tonia Sanders
5th Place Mary Morris

Pro Women Physique - Open

1st Place Alicia Mitchell
2nd Place Suzy Russo
3rd Place Dr. Kenisha Williams

Pro Women Bikini Divas- Masters (40+)

1st Place Michelle Alemania
2nd Place Joy Medalle – Alferos
3rd Place Monica Lopez Morales

Pro Women Bikini Divas - Open

1st Place Virginia Toth
*PNBA Blue Sheild*
2nd Place Kayla Boswell
*Sex Appeal*
3rd Place Nicole Castiglione
4th Place Crystal Lackey
5th Place Gabriella Espinoza
6th Place Lindsey Nudera
7th Place Juliet Farnsworth – Henry

Pro Men's Bodybuilding - Masters (40+)

1st Place Roy Critchfield
2nd Place Ron Debry
3rd Place Mansfield Cody
4th Place Sekona Taufa

Pro Men's Bodybuilding - Open

1st Place John Espinosa
2nd Place David Pat
3rd Place Donald Sanders

Pro Men's Physique - Open

1st Place William Long
2nd Place Jonathan Tsui
3rd Place Dominique Vaughn
4th Place Antonio Garcia
5th Place Rashad Baily
6th Place Kyle St. Vincent
7th Place Colby Elliott
8th Place Ty Johnson

Mini Bodybuilders (Girls)

1st Place Skylar Marie Camacho
2nd Place Elise Perry
3rd Place Amber Chaundry
4th Place Danielle Bayouth
5th Place Hailey Krueger

Kids Fitness

1st Place Elise Perry

Mini Bodybuilders (Boys)

1st Place Jeremiah Paul Camacho
2nd Place Joey Eidem
3rd Place Jeffery King
4th Place Clayton Perry
5th Place Dillion Bayouth

Body Quest

Erica Lash

Women's Sport Model - Masters (40-49)

1st Place Shama Chaundry
2nd Place Irene Bernabe

Women's Sport Model - Grand Masters (50-59)

1st Place Dina Starr

Women's Sport Model - Open

1st Place Phi Nguyen
*PNBA Pro/Qualification*
2nd Place Juliet Farnsworth – Henry
*Best Presentation*
3rd Place Shama Chaundry

Women's Bodybuilding - Jr. Masters (35-39)

1st Place Dr. Kenisha Williams

Women's Bodybuilding - Masters (40-49)

1st Place Sarah P Condor

Women's Bodybuilding - Novice

1st Place Dr, Kenisha Williams

Women's Bodybuilding - Open

1st Place Sarah P Condor
*PNBA Pro/Qualification*
2nd Place Dr. Kenisha Williams

Women's Physique - Jr. Masters (35-39)

1st Place Dr, Kenisha Williams

Women's Physique -Masters (40-49)

1st Place Heather Baker
*PNBA Pro/Qualification*

Women's Physique - Grand Masters (50-59)

1st Place Machelle Escobedo
2nd Place Karen Bacher
3rd Place Mary Warneke

INBA Angels

1st Place Kayla Boswell
*PNBA Pro/Qualification*
2nd Place Nicole Castiglione
*PNBA Pro/Qualification*
3rd Place Jessica Mastrelli
*PNBA Pro/Qualification*
4th Place Juliet Farnsworth-Henry
5th Place Joy Medalle -Alferos
6th Place Zhailani Aquino
7th Place Evilin Padilla
8th Place Navidad Alvarado
9th Place Sharone Utter
10th Place Guada Inocencio
11th Place Jennifer Araujo

Figure - Jr. Masters (35-39)

1st Place Daniella Rowell
2nd Place Tammy Galvan
3rd Place Hilary Grant
4th Place Sandra Reyes
5th Place Jennifer Araujo

Figure - Masters (40-49)

1st Place Alicia Mitchell
*PNBA Pro/Qualification & Overall Figure Masters*
2nd Place Heather Baker
3rd Place Erica Lash
4th Place Heidi Hallenberg
5th Place Angelica Munoz
6th Place Tricia McKeever
7th Place Antoinette Williams
8th Place Anne Johansen

Figure - Grand Masters (50-59)

1st Place Dyanne Blevins
2nd Place Machelle Escobedo
3rd Place Annette Camacho

Figure - Novice

1st Place Tammy Galvan
2nd Place Angelica Munoz
3rd Place Antoinette Williams
4th Place Sandra Reyes

Figure - Open

1st Place Daniella Rowell
*PNBA Pro/Qualified*
2nd Place Tammy Galvan
*PNBA Pro/Qualified*
3rd Place Heidi Hallenberg
4th Place Erica Lash
5th Place Angelica Munoz
6th Place Annette Camacho
7th Place Antoinette Williams

Bikini Divas -Jr. Masters (35-39)

1st Place Malika Bell
2nd Place Wendy DuBois
3rd Place Sherri Wise
4th Place Amanda Gonzalez
5th Place Ada Inocencio
6th Place Mari Lacerna- Chan

Bikini Divas -Masters (40-49)

1st Place Maya Urdaneta
**PNBA Pro/Qualified & Overall Bikini Divas Masters*
2nd Place Monica Lopez – Morales
3rd Place Hasina Rhine
4th Place Ericka Alvarez
5th Place Sherri Wise
6th Place Michelle Alemania
7th Place Shelly Rojas
8th Place Shama Chaudrey
9th Place Irene Bernabe
10th Place Sharone Utter

Bikini Divas - Grand Masters (50-59)

1st Place Zhailani Aquino
2nd Place Laura Picton-Hildreth
3rd Place Karen Bacher

Bikini Divas - Super Ultra Masters (70-79)

1st Place Saba Moor-Douchette

Bikini Divas - Novice

1st Place Nadia Toledo
2nd Place Jessica Mastrelli
3rd Place Malika Bell
4th Place Evelin Padilla
5th Place Karen Mercado
6th Place Hasina Rhine
7th Place Ericka Alvarez
8th Place Mari Lacerna- Chan

Bikini Divas - Open (Short)

1st Place Nubia Enriquez
*PNBA Pro/Qualified & Overall Bikini Divas Open*
2nd Place Amanda Sandoval
3rd Place Callie Taylor
4th Place Wendy DuBois
5th Place Michele Alemania
6th Place Liliana Tejada Alvarado
7th Place Ericka Alvarez
8th Place Shama Chandry
9th Place Darilyn Garcia

Bikini Divas - Open (Tall)

1st Place Maya Urdaneta
2nd Place Jessica Mastrelli
3rd Place Michelle King
4th Place Karen Mercado
5th Place Danielle King
6th Place Juliet Farnsworth-Henry
7th Place Amanda Gonzalez
8th Place Jessica Thornton

Men's Sport Model - Masters (40-49)

1st Place Bryan Eidem

Men's Sport Model - Super Ultra Masters (70-79)

1st Place Clifton Maclin

Men's Sport Model - Novice

1st Place Wasim Hajjiri
2nd Place Allister Green

Men's Bodybuilding - Teen (13-17)

1st Place Aaron Machado

Men's Bodybuilding - Masters (40-49)

1st Place Leo Sousa
*PNBA Pro/Qualification & Overall Masters Men*

Men's Bodybuilding - Grand Masters (50-59)

1st Place Richard Frye
2nd Place Ted Keyes

Men's Bodybuilding - Super Ultra Masters (70-79)

1st Place Jean Pispisa

Men's Bodybuilding - Open

1st Place Richard Frye
2nd Place Carson Boekhoven
3rd Place Ted Keyes

Men's Ink/Tattoo

1st Place Bryan Eidem

Men's Beach Body - Novice

1st Place Allister Green

Men's Physique - Teen (13-17)

1st Place Garrett Hallenberg
2nd Place Edward Javier Camacho

Men's Physique - Gran Masters (50-59)

1st Place Vincent Salter
*PNBA Pro Qualified & Overall Men’s Physique Masters*
2nd Place Sergio Camacho

Men's Physique - Super Ultra Masters (60-69)

1st Place Richard Rogers
2nd Place Jean Pispisa

Men's Physique - Novice

1st Place Dankat Keswet
2nd Place Mike Diamond
3rd Place Allister Green
4th Place Garrett Hallenberg

Men's Physique - Open

1st Place Daniel Zigler
*PNBA Pro Qualified*
2nd Place Joseph Ortiz
*PNBA Pro Qualified*
3rd Place Nick Perillo
4th Place Dankat Keswet
5th Place Mattia Cimolin
6th Place Jeff Marlatt

Men's Classic Physique

1st Place Colby Elliot
*PNBA Pro Qualified*
2nd Place Andrew Easton
3rd Place Justin Beach

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