Pro/Am United States

Saturday, June 25, 2016 Las Vegas, NV

Event Location

Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
3475 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109


Friday Night 6 pm @ Host Hotel
Prejudging: 10am
Main Show: 5pm


Dial: 951-734-3900
Click: [email protected]



General Information








Entry forms must be received two weeks prior to the competition date!
Contest includes all categories.

Host Hotel

Harrah’s Hotel & Casino (Las Vegas, NV)
For Discounted rates use:
Group code: SHINB6
Book your rooms 30 days in advance for discount!

Spray Tanning



Martini Spray Tan



Ron Montoya

Ron Montoya



Pro Bikini Open

1st Place Raquel Benitez
2nd Place Samantha Bennett

Pro Men's Bodybuilding Open

1st Place John Espinoza

Pro Men's Physique Masters (40-49)

1st Place Leon Viljoen

Pro Men's Physique Open

1st Place Wesley Jones
2nd Place Franky Yan

Women's Fitness Masters (40-49)

1st Place Dayna Smith

Women's Sport Model Junior Masters (35-39)

1st Place Melody Leung
*Most Symmetrical*

Women's Sport Model Masters (40-49)

1st Place Dayna Smith

Women's Physique Junior Masters (35-39)

1st Place Suzy Russo

Women's Physique Open

1st Place Suzy Russo

INBA Angels

1st Place Melody Leung

Figure Junior Masters (35-39)

1st Place Melody Leung

Bikini Divas Masters (45-49)

1st Place Maya Urdaneta
*Flex Appeal*

Bikini Divas Junior Masters (35-39)

1st Place Melody Leung

Bikini Divas Grand Masters (50-59)

1st Place Laura Picton-Hildreth

Bikini Divas Novice

1st Place Callie Taylor
*Best Presentation*
2nd Place Maya Urdaneta
3rd Place Amanda Ward
4th Place Olivia Uzan
5th Place Janessa Thorton
6th Place Ginia Corado
7th Place Hanh Nguyen

Bikini Divas Open (Short)

1st Place Melody Leung
*PNBA Pro Qualified*
2nd Place Callie Taylor
3rd Place Evelin Padilla
4th Place Madeline Bright

Bikini Divas Open (Tall)

1st Place Maya Urdaneta
*PNBA Pro Qualification & Overall Bikini Divas*
2nd Place Olivia Uzan
3rd Place Amanda Ward
4th Place Dayna Smith
5th Place Janessa Thorton

Mixed Pairs

1st Place Matt Rad & Melody Leung

Men's Sport Model Super Ultra Masters (70-79)

1st Place Clifton Maclin

Men's Bodybuilding Masters (40-49)

1st Place Dave Richens
2nd Place Matt Rad

Men's Bodybuilding Novice

1st Place Jordan Ariche

Men's Bodybuilding Open

1st Place Dave Richens
2nd Place
 Jordan Ariche
*Best Legs*

Men's Physique Masters (40-49)

1st Place Matt Rad

Men's Physique Novice

1st Place Matt Rad
2nd Place Martin Mohammad

Men's Physique Open

1st Place Matt Rad
*PNBA Pro Qualification & Most Muscular*
2nd Place Cody Woldt
3rd Place Martin Mohammad
*Best Arms*
4th Place Rashad Bailey
*Best Poser*

Event Pictures