Pro/Am Zeus Classic

Saturday, May 27, 2017 Davis, CA

Event Location

Veterans Memorial Center Theater
203 E 14th Street
Davis, CA 95616


Rock Solid Fitness
9096 Elkmont Way
Elk Grove, CA 95624
6pm-7pm (Men)
7pm-8pm (Women) 
: 12 pm
Main Show: 5 pm


Dial: 951-734-3900
Click: [email protected]


General Information

Online Registration must be received two weeks prior to competition date to avoid $25 LATE FEE! Amateur Registration Fee Bundle Includes: Entry Fee $100, Testing Fee $75, and Processing Fee $5, Total $175. Additional Category $75 Professional Registration Bundle Includes: Entry Fee $250, Testing Fee $75
Prejudging $20, Main Show V.I.P $35, Backstage ALL DAY V.I.P $70
Contest includes all categories.








Host Hotel


Spray Tanning

Hi-Def Tanning

Mark Picano
[email protected]

Hair & Make-Up




Body Quest


1st Place Elizabeth Bolko
1st Place Nayelly Gallardo
1st Place Rosalyn Harvey

Sport Model - Grand Masters (50-59)


1st Place Dannette Nelson


Sport Model - Super Ultra Masters (70-71)


1st Place Maria Seehan

Sport Model - Open


1st Place Dannette Nelson


Bathing Suite Beauties


1st Place Cecile Giron
2nd Place Elizabeth Bolko




1st Place Rosalyn Harvey


INBA Angels


1st Place Joy Medalle – Alferos
*PNBA Pro/Qualified*
2nd Place Nayelly Gallardo


Figure - Masters (40-49)


1st Place Antoinette Williams
*PNBA Pro Qualified*


Figure - Novice


1st Place Alisha Little
2nd Place Alissa Menicucci
3rd Place Rosalyn Harvey


Figure - Open


1st Place Alisha Little
*PNBA Pro/Qualified & GIB*
2nd Place Alissa Menicucci
3rd Place Rosalyn Harvey
4th Place Antoinette Williams


Bikini Divas - Masters (40-49)


1st Place Cecile Giron
*PNBA Pro/Qualified & Overall Bikini Masters*
2nd Place Elizabeth Bolko


Bikini Divas - Grand Masters (50-59)


1st Place Zhailani Aquino
*Best Presentation*

Bikini Divas - Super Ultra Masters (70-71)

1st Place Larisa Napoletano

Bikini Divas - Novice (Short)

1st Place Nicole Yamamoto
*Overall Bikini Novice & Most Symmetrical*
2nd Place Jay Tirona
3rd Place Cecile Giron
4th Place Elizabeth Bolko

Bikini Divas - Novice (Open)

1st Place Morgan Papac
2nd Place Nayelly Gallardo

Bikini Divas - Open (Short)

1st Place Nicole Yamamoto
*Overall Bikini Open & PNBA Pro/Qualified*
2nd Place Danielle Foster
3rd Place  Jessica Ypung
4th Place  Cecile Giron

Bikini Divas - Tall (Open)

1st Place Morgan Papac

PNBA Angels

1st Place Kayla Boswell

Pro Figure - Open


1st Place Amy Laining
*Large Sword, PNBA Medal, $1,000 Cash and Prizes & Tiara*
2nd Place Hilary Grant
*Sword, PNBA Medal, $300 Cash and Prize*
3rd Place  Cheryl Sterris – WADA Tested (POSITIVE)
*Sword,PNBA Medal, $200 Cash & Prizes*
4th Place  Lindsay Simning
*Sword, PNBA Medal*
5th Place Nicole Thompson
*Sword, PNBA Medal*


Pro Bikini Divas - Masters (40+)


1st Place Rena Mathews
*Large Sword, PNBA Medal & Tiara*
2nd Place Joy Medalle -Alferos
*Sword & PNBA Medal*

Pro Bikini Divas - Open

1st Place Kayla Boswell
*Large Sword, PNBA Medal, $300 Cash and Prizes & Tiara*
2nd Place Rochelle Davis
*Sword, $200 Cash and Prizes & PNBA Medal*
3rd Place Hanna McCabe
*Sword, PNBA Medal & $100 Cash and Prizes*

Novice Men's BB

1st Place Matt Costello

Open Men's BB

1st Place Johnny Tirado
*PNBA Pro/Qualified & GIB*
2nd Place Matt Costello

Men's Physique -Masters (40-49)

1st Place Ruben Lerma

Men's Physique - Novice

1st Place Ruben Lerma

Men's Physique - Open

1st Place Niani White
*PNBA Pro/Qualified*
2nd Place Ariuntsatsral Delgerebat
*PNBA Pro/Qualified & Most Muscular*

Pro Men's Physique - Open

1st Place Irving Hernandez
*Big Sword, PNBA Medal, PNBA Gym Bag ,GIB Shirt & Best in Show Sheild*

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