Tampa Bay Natural

Saturday, August 13, 2016 Tampa, FL

Event Location

University of South Florida Theater
4202 E Fowler Ave
Tampa, FL 33620


9 am
Prejudging: 12 pm
Main Show: 4 pm


Dial: 951-734-3900
Click: [email protected]


General Information








Entry forms must be received two weeks prior to the competition date! Registration Includes: Testing Fee $75, Entry Fee $75, Additional Category $75, Processing Fee $5, Within 2 Weeks $25 Late Fee
Contest includes all categories.

Host Hotel

Embassy Suites by Hilton Tampa-USF

3705 Spectrum Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33612
Phone: 855-277-4940

Spray Tanner


Hot Spot Tanning
(727) 403-4180
[email protected]

Hair & Make-Up

Crystal Alexis

Hot Spot Tanning
[email protected]


Figure - Novice

1st Place Kristen Hower

Figure - Open

1st Place Natalie Concepcion
*PNBA Pro/ Qualified*
2nd Place Destinee Perez
3rd Place Kristen Hower

Bikini Divas - Novice

1st Place Joanna Sanchez
*INBA Shield*
2nd Place Aimee Cruz
*Most Symmetrical*
3rd Place Taylor Petrulis
4th Place Amber Gibson

Bikini Divas - Open

1st Place Joanna Sanchez
*PNBA Pro/Qualified*
2nd Place Aimee Cruz
3rd Place Christina Martin
*Best Presentation*
4th Place Christine Anderson
5th Place Taylor Petrulis
6th Place Amber Gibson

Men's Bodybuilding - Masters (40-49)

1st Place Rafael Guzman
2nd Place David Trobe

Men's Bodybuilding - Open

1st Place Chris Casabal
*PNBA Pro/Qualified*
2nd Place Ramon Johnson
3rd Place Kegan Goulding
4th Place Rafael Guzman

Classic Physique

1st Place Carmen Musso
*PNBA Pro/Qualified & INBA Shield*
2nd Place Justin Page
*Best Poser*
3rd Place Chris Casabal
4th Place Kyle Jenkins
5th Place Werner Sauer
6th Place David Trobe

Men's Physique - Novice (Short)

1st Place Carmen Musso
*Overall Men’s Physique Novice*
2nd Place Robert Douglas

Men's Physique - Novice (Tall)

1st Place Brian Florek
2nd Place Jim Pyner
3rd Place Matthew McClellan

Men's Physique - Open (Short)

1st Place Carmen Musso
*Overall Men’s Physique Open & PNBA Pro/Qualified*
2nd Place Danny Serrano
*Most Muscular*
3rd Place Kyle Jenkins
4th Place Jim Pyner

Men's Physique - Open (Tall)

1st Place Zack Johnson
*PNBA Pro/Qualified*
2nd Place Mo Hassan
3rd Place Matthew McClellan

Men's Physique - Masters (40-49)

1st Place Brian Florek
2nd Place Jim Pyner
3rd Place Matthew McClellan
4th Place Werner Sauer