United States

Saturday, July 15, 2017 San Leandro, CA

Event Location

San Leandro High School Performing Arts Center
2250 Bancroft Ave.
San Leandro, CA 94577



Prejudging: 12 p.m
Main Show: 5 p.m


Dial: 951-734-3900
Click: [email protected]


General Information

Online Registration must be received two weeks prior to competition date to avoid $25 LATE FEE! Amateur Registration Fee Bundle Includes: Entry Fee $75, Testing Fee $75, and Processing Fee $5, Total $155. Additional Category $75
Prejudging $25, Main Show V.I.P $35, Backstage ALL DAY V.I.P $70
Contest includes all categories.








Host Hotel

Best Western PLUS Inn of Hayward

360 West A Street
Hayward, CA 94541
Group Rate: $139.99
Group Code: *Natural Bodybuilding Competition*
Cut off 2 weeks prior to event-Book Now!

Spray Tanning

Hair & Make-Up




Body Quest

1st Place Nicole Douglas

Women's Ink/Tattoo

1st Place Erin Greig

Bathing Suite Beauties

1st Place Tandra Gant

Sport Model - Masters (40-49)

1st Place Denise Davis

Sport Model - Open

1st Place Jessica Grant
*PNBA Pro/Qualified & Best Presentation*
2nd Place Tandra Gant

INBA Angels

1st Place Jessica Grant
*PNBA Pro/Qualified*
2nd Place Shanee Cook
*Most Symmetrical*
3rd Place Aster Tesfai
4th Place Leah McGowen – Hare

Figure Classic

1st Place Erin Greig

Figure - Masters (40-49)

1st Place Shanee Cook
*PNBA Pro/Qualified*
2nd Place Angela Ajetomobi

Figure - Open

1st Place Candice Manion
*PNBA Pro/Qualified*
2nd Place Shanee Cook
3rd Place Angela Ajetomobi
4th Place Nicole Douglas
5th Place Erin Greig

Bikini Divas - Masters (40-49)

1st Place Aster Tesfai

Bikini Divas - Novice

1st Place Madeline Jones
2nd Place Catherine Dawson
3rd Place Nary Chhan
4th Place Sue Rose
5th Place Lupe Yepiz
6th Place Martha C.C Rojas
7th Place Adrena Washington

Bikini Divas - Open

1st Place Theresa Doll
*PNBA Pro/Qualified, Gains in Bulk Certificate & INBA Shield *
2nd Place Madeline Jones
3rd Place Catherine Dawson
4th Place Aster Tesfai
5th Place Chanel Nalani

Men's Ink/Tattoo

1st Place Ken Ross

Men's Sport Model - Open

1st Place Ben Greig

Beach Body - Teen

1st Place Speher Behjou

Beach Body

1st Place Akshay Pathak
2nd Place Bryan Jacinto
3rd Place Luis D. Avina
4th Place Shane Hare

Grand Masters B/B (50-59)

1st Place James Spicer
2nd Place Ken Ross
*Best Poser*

Open B/B

1st Place James Spicer
*PNBA Pro/Qualification*
2nd Place Ken Ross

Classic Physique

1st Place Maurice Davis
*PNBA Pro/Qualification*
2nd Place Ken Ross
3rd Place Ben Greig

Men's Physique - Teen (18-19)

1st Place Speher Behjou

Men's Physique - Masters (40-49)

1st Place Dennis Thomas II
*PNBA Pro/Qualification*
2nd Place Jerry Newman
3rd Place John Destacamento

Men's Physique - Grand Masters (50-59)

1st Place John Destacamento

Men's Physique - Novice

1st Place Akshay Pathak
2nd Place Jose Hernandez Castrejon
3rd Place Luis D. Avina
4th Place Taylor Swinney
5th Place Luis E Soto

Men's Physique - Open

1st Place Behrouz Jafari Valadani
*PNBA Pro/Qualification & INBA Shield*
2nd Place Rocco Perez
*PNBA Pro/Qualification & Most Muscular*
3rd Place  Akshay Pathak
4th Place Ben Greig
5th Place Bryan Jacinto
6th Place Luis D. Avina
7th Place Taylor Swinney

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